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Handlordz Store - Update


Coming May 2, 2015 at 11 am Denver, CO time: DOMINION SPECIALS 




Dominion Specials

Coming May 2, 2015 at 11 am Denver, CO time: MMD #4











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What our customers say about us:                                                                                                 

"Rating: 10/10 
The customer service and products are top of the line. At Handlordz you'll easily get ALL of your questions answered the following day, if not the same. In fact, when I was still a magician, I would ask an online magic store a question regarding their products, I wouldn't get an answer the next day or the day after, but a week, if not two after. But with Handlordz, fast and courteous service is a given! But that's not even the best part of this store... the products are! Anything this store carries is no less than the BEST! At this time, out of the 22 products they carry, more than 15 of the products are custom made and sold exclusively at this store! With fast & courteous customer service and top of the line products used by the World's BEST manipulators, what more could you want?"


"I made a purchase with you guys and i am amazed at the speed and the quality of the products ! I even got a signed superhandz/handlordz card for free (thank you !!!) ! The CTG dvd is amazing ! CTG routine was worth ten times the price alone ! 
I was shocked when i got the products in the mailbox today ( CTG dvd and Jerry fanning card lithograph) and astonished when i saw that the lithograph wasn't bent or smudged ! I have ordered similar items that bend/tear easy and this is the first time i got the product in mint quality."

Reimond V.


"The Handlordz store is by far, the best site to offer products related to Xtreme Manipulation.  No matter what they put out, you can be assured that it’s pure gold!  De’vo and his team only offer the best of the best products to help you learn this astounding art efficiently and effectively.   
I have been into XCM ( Xtreme Card Manipulation ) for one year now, and I am certain that I am learning the best manipulations, from the best in the business.  
There are several DVD’s put out by other artists related to this art, but they don't come close to videos at Handlordz!  Xtreme Beginnerz, Cradle to Grave, and The Cobra Collection are just a few of the most insane products you can find in this store.   
So if you really want to learn the best manipulations, you have come to the right place!  You can always expect great things from this site!  The Handlordz Store is by far the best, hands down!"
Caleb M., (Flourishmaniac)